Prior to receiving treatment for chronic Lyme disease, I was lucky to be able to remember what day it was, now, at least 50% of my brain fog has been lifted and it has only been a few weeks.

I feel as if I am getting better every day thanks to Amina’s guidance with nutrition and detox. I am also very grateful Amina is aware of my financial situation, she tries to give me what I need within my budget.

I can honestly say I would be lost without her. Thank you Amina.


Thanks to Amina (sic) and her colleagues; a combination of conventional and complementary therapies including adrenal support; and time and patience, my North Atlantic Chronic Lyme symptoms have over improved in the past two years from debilitating to barely noticeable.

With Amina and company’s help, I hope to keep my Chronic Lyme symptoms in remission indefinitely.

I first made contact with Amina in mid-December of 2012.  I had just stopped the antibiotics I had been taking for four months to treat my Lyme Disease. At this time I was feeling sick, not just herxing, but physically sick from the antibiotics. I was suffering terribly from vaginal and oral thrush, even though I had taken probiotics from the onset.  I was vomiting three to four times a day and had lost 7 kilos in 5 weeks.  My anxiety levels were through the roof – Lyme disease was ruling my life.  After spending a day in a hospital attached to a drip for dehydration for my nausea and diarrhea, I decided that antibiotic treatment was not for me.

Contacting Amina was the best decision I have made. Within two weeks of following her treatment protocol (herbal mixture, supplements and dietary advice), I could feel my body and mind recovering.  At present, my energy levels, concentration and memory have recovered to what they were prior to having the bulls eye rash in March 2006.

A significant part of the anxiety I had been suffering was caused by the fear that I had passed Lyme Disease onto my two sons.  My eldest was conceived in the same week as when I first noticed the bulls eye rash.  Their western blot tests came back ++ on band 41 and IND on several bands. Thankfully they are asymptomatic.  Amina has devised a treatment protocol for them specifically designed to support their immune system.

I am so grateful that I am able to live my life without Lyme Disease casting its dark shadow over my every move and thought. Lyme Disease no longer rules my life.  I am aware it is in my body and probably in the bodies of my children. Thanks to Amina I am empowered with the knowledge and courage to tackle Lyme Disease holistically.

Amina has been absolutely amazing. I came to Australia 4 months ago and have been seeing Amina ever since.

I had been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease back in the United States. I had undergone various treatments with IV antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, herbs, supplements. I had experienced vision problems, psychological/ emotional/ cognitive difficulties, energy loss, fatigue, joint and muscle pains, headaches, digestive problems, reproductive problems, etc. My body, mind, and spirit were in a total state of fear.

After coming over to see Amina, things have really changed so much for me. Her kindness, love, dedication, and support has shined through consistently in all of her actions. I have gotten so much better these past four months, and I am so thankful for her support. She has truly been helping my body, mind, and spirit regenerate and restore itself to safety, love, and calm. I am on herbs now ad-hoc. Yes, I do have some hard days. I am not going to sugar coat LOL. But they are so much less severe and so much farther in between. On the whole, I am regenerating and restoring faster than ever.

Since seeing Amina, it is the first time in 6 years (since my symptoms began) that I feel that I am on my way and I will restore fully! I am so thankful to Amina for both her scientific mind and her kind gentle heart. She is truly one of a kind.

Hi Amina. I just want to say a very sincere thank you for all the guidance and support you have given to me which has helped me to lose 27 kgs since July.

I must say that I have never met a naturopath (or a nutritionist) who approaches things in such an intelligent and practical manner. I knew every step of the way what I needed to do, why I needed to do it and what I could expect whilst doing it.  The fact that you also follow the same eating habits yourself gives me extra motivation – practicing what you preach is the best advertisement you can have!

I have every confidence that this is a change of eating habits I will stick to forever, and I know that if I ever do start to struggle, it will only take a phone call to you and your gentle encouragement will get me back on track.

Amina has provided me with excellent naturopathic care over the past 2 years.
On our initial consultation, Amina was able to identify and treat symptoms that were making my life unpleasant. The herbal products she uses are highly effective yet gentle and have been a life saver for me in managing a chronic condition.

Amina’s knowledge, expertise, and skill in naturopathy are an essential link in managing health, particularly in this era of pharmaceutical company power. If it were not for Amina, it is likely I would still be struggling with an unidentified and incorrectly treated condition.
Lyme Disease patient from Noosa Heads, Queensland