Naturopathy for Lyme Disease

Naturopathy uses natural means to enhance health, prevent us from any disharmony or to treat ailments and symptoms in a holistic way (Treating the body as a whole). Lyme Disease can be treated very effectively using natural medicine and in support of conventional medicine.

It is imperative to support the immune system & other systems e.g liver, adrenals when treating Lyme disease especially if the patient is taking a strong antibiotic regime.

Naturopathy for Lyme Disease

Herbal Medicines are natural plants made into tinctures or liquid medicines, tablets or powders. They are been used successfully for thousands of years. Dosages can be modified accordingly upon each consultation and will be increased as per treatment plan.
There are a number of highly beneficial herbs used to treat Lyme Disease and many of the co-infections often accompanied with the Lyme bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. A Professional Herbal prescription can be personally formulated to help you with your Lyme symptoms, such as Astragalus, Cats claw, Sarsaparilla, Artemisia, Andrographis. Patients will often require very specific dosages, depending on their tolerance, therefore each formula is modified.

We have over 300 medicinal herbs at Noosa Holistic Health.


Nutrition is essential when healing from Lyme disease. We will look at your personal diet to help you ensure a well-balanced diet minimizing nutritional deficiencies. We can also help distinguish any food intolerance’s or allergies. Lyme Disease patients often become highly sensitive and can develop new food intolerance’s, e.g Red meat, gluten, dairy, and sugar. Many patients are also sensitive to histamines, oxalates, salicylates and or nightshade food too.

We modify food habits to personally suit making sure each patient has a nutritious well-balanced easily adaptable diet. Most Nutrition is obtained through the diet, though sometimes we may need the help of Professional Nutritional Supplements to help regain optimum path and achieve maximum health of our body, mind, and spirit. Often Lyme patients are deficient in many nutrients e.g. Magnesium, Manganese, and these imbalances need to be addressed to regain optimum health.

Detoxification is essential when treating Lyme disease but must be monitored safely and according to patients status to avoid an unprepared Herxheimer reaction. A personalized Detox program will assist in expelling the endotoxins from the breaking down of bacteria and allow the body to heal more effectively.

Australian BushFlower Essences are wonderful remedies that can help with emotional as well as physical symptoms and are especially helpful in treating children.

Treating the body holistically with herbal medicine and nutrition will treat the body as a whole, the physical and the psychological.

A Naturopath Consultation

Initial Naturopathic consultation is for one hour, asking relevant questions focusing on your presenting symptoms and concerns. A comprehensive diagnosis will be given. We will look at other aspects of your health which maybe, and often is the underlying causes of  imbalance and a weakened immune system. A symptomatic history will be documented & past medical blood test results are extremely helpful if you have them.

A comprehensive questionnaire (with questions asked in our first consultation) may be emailed upon making an appointment

Skype and Phone consultations are available upon request.

Lyme Disease Testing

Specific Lyme tests can be arranged in the first consultation if needed upon discussion. Since there are many types of tests, we can discuss the most appropriate depending on your type of Lyme symptoms, possible co-infections and other stealth infections.

General Medical Testing

Full blood tests and chemistry tests are essential to determine any long-term medical deficiencies or imbalances, such as chemistry, Iron, thyroid, immune or hormonal imbalances. We can discuss the necessary testing required upon consultation.

Iridology photography

Iridology is a diagnosis tool to verify a person’s constitution or type. We can look at the digestive area of the iris to see if there is a build up of toxins. Are there lymphatic congestion signs that may indicate an allergy or immune dysfunction? In the stomach region, is there a lot of whitening indicating increased gastric juices or acidity, common during times of stress, and enlargement of the pupils indicating fear or exhaustion? Are you Magnesium deficient?

Tongue Analysis

One can actually tell a lot about a person’s digestive system by looking at the tongue. This is a very common diagnostic tool in China.

Hair Analysis Testing

Be Allergy Free through IgE, IgA & IgE anti body Testing ( over 100 foods and herbs) – Find out which foods are making you sick and which foods you CAN eat.

Other tests offered:

Hair Toxicity testing for Toxic Heavy Metals, Comprehensive stool analysis of bacteria & parasites, Porphyrins & Pyrrols, hormone testing including cortisol, neurotransmitters & thyroid, DNA profiles e.g. MTHFR gene mutations, mold sensitivities

I am happy to work along side with your medical Doctor and other professional Practitioners and often refer patients if I feel they need certain tests or a second opinion, e.g. Diabetes, Epilepsy. It is also essential to know what medications patients are taking e.g. Anti Biotics, Anti-depressants, Aspirin, blood pressure medication etc. so we can ensure a safe treatment program.

Amina Eastham-Hillier N.D

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Disclaimer: Please use the information provided on this website as an educational resource for choosing your options and making your own informed choices. It is not intended as medical advice with out having a professional naturopathic consultation with Amina and is not to self-diagnose, treat or prescribe remedies for Lyme disease or co infections.