Natural treatments for Lyme & stealth infections (bacterial, viral, fungal & parasitic)

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Nature & Health Practitioner of the Year WinnerAmina Eastham-Hillier, N.D is a Qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist and has worked in the Health industry for over 25 years.

Starting from her own clinic in England, she gained her Bachelor degree in Australia and has travelled extensively throughout Asia, spending a year studying & working in Japan, and recently a year in China studying herbal medicine.

She is a renowned presenter and educator to medical practitioners around the world.

Amina is currently finalising her Nutrigenomics Diploma to further understand genetic susceptibilities of Chronic immune deficiencies, Lyme disease, stealth infections and mould illness.

As an International Presenter, Amina’s mission is to educate naturopaths, doctors, and patients about the importance of Integrated Medicine in treating Lyme disease, mould illness, parasites, viruses & other stealth infections. She has presented at 30 International conferences & events in the last 5 years and has just published her book, Lyme Natural – Integrated Naturopathy for Lyme disease, co-infections, and mould illness.